Using Meta Tags To Improve Search Engine Result Rankings

Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization

Meta tags are not a magic solution any more to get top rankings in search engine result pages. But using meta tags allows site owners to manage to some degree how their web pages are displayed and described by search engines.

Meta tags are included in the Head tag of an HTML page. There are three tags that you should pay attention to for search engine optimization.

The Title Tag
The HTML title tag is not really a Meta tag, but it is often discussed with because its significance. The text in the title tag is one of the most crucial on-page factors in how search engines may decide to rank the web page.

Write relevant title for each of your web page. It should emphasize topic specific keywords for the page. Keep the keywords limited one or two, but not more than that. It is recommended only one keyword should be targeted per page. Don’t make the title longer than 10 or 12 words. Rather, keep the count of the words minimum.

The Description Tag
Visitors won’t see the information written in the description tag, but search engine crawlers will. Although the description tag doesn’t play a significant role any more in search engine rankings - for example, Google ignore the description tag, the description or part of it is still displayed in the result pages of some search engines.

Write the description tag under 20 words because search engines generally don’t show more than 20 words on the result page. Summarize the body content using some targeted keywords in the first sentence. Elaborate the summary in the second sentence, if you write it in two sentences.

The Keywords Tag
Along with your body content, you can provide additional text using the meta keywords, but remember the keywords tag doesn’t really help your site to get top rankings in search engine result pages. It can be still used to reinforce some keywords that you use in the page. Also, It can help webmasters to come up with synonyms of the target keywords that don’t appear on the page.

Most search engines don’t pay attention to the keywords tag. Actually, it’s said that repeating keywords too often in the keywords tag might hurt the ranking. List relevant keywords to the page and keep them concise.

- Other Meta tags
Meta Robots Tag: Use this tag when you want certain pages not to be indexed by search engines. By default, search engines crawlers index all web pages and follow links from each page.

Blocking search crawlers can be done with the robots.txt file more efficiently - you can just add directories that you don’t want to be indexed.

Content Type Meta Tag: The HTTP content type tag is used to declare the character set.

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