Domain Name - Factors to Consider

Having a domain name is critical especially when you're running an Internet business. People have less credibility on business owners or sellers who don't have their own domain name. Then, how should you choose a good domain name for your business? Some of them that you can think of might not be available any more but among the ones that are available, follow these tips to choose the best one for you. - Try to find a domain that includes one of major keywords applicable for your business. This will definitely make visitors remember your domain better than a domain with no keyword ...

WordPress IP Block

For the last few days, I've been annoyed by spam comments.  They all came from the same IP.  Luckily, blocking this IP seems very easy. Click on 'Settings' from WordPress Admin. -> Click on 'Discussion' from the sub menu. -> Add IP addresses that you'd like to block in the 'Comment Blacklist' box. That's it!  This will prevent comment spammers from taking your precious time.

Nofollow, rel=nofollow

Nofollow is a kind of HTML attributes that defines hyperlink relationship between the linking page and the linked page. 1. It can be used when you don't want your links to influence the targeted site's rankings by search engines. That is, the destination of that hyperlink won't be given any additional weight or credit in search result rankings. "From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results." Post on Google Blog on 2005-01-18 Not only Google but Yahoo! and MSN Search have agreed to this new hyperlink relationship ...

How To Use Italics, When To Use Italics

How To Use Italics - Use italics for the titles of books, articles, newspapers, book-length stories, or book-length poems. The titles of shorter stories or poems are not generally italicized. Use quotation marks instead. - Use italics for the names of movies, plays, television series, operas or other musical compositions. - Use italics to emphasize words or short phrases. Try not to overuse them. - Use italics foreign words that are likely to be unfamiliar to users. - Use italics to introduce new terms. - Use italics for the names of ships, planes, automobiles and trains.

Website Development and Maintenance Checklist

Basic questions to ask for website development Does your website HTML validate to W3 standards? Have you check broken links of your website? Do you have Google XML sitemap? Do you have a text-based sitemap for visitors? Do all pages have unique and corresponding META title tag? Does your homepage have at least 200 or 300 words optimized for search engines? Have you done user experience testing? Basic questions to ask for website maintenance Do you keep track of web log statistics such as visitors, page views, or conversion rates? Do you regularly check error logs of your web site? Do you know which search engines provides the most traffic to ...