How to Write a Good Business Homepage

Writing a good business website homepage is very significant because the homepage is often the first, possibly the most important chance to attract visitors and retain them. However, it’s not a simple, easy thing to write an eye-catching homepage.

Tips that you should know when you write your website homepage

1. Do not list too many products on your homepage. You can include one or two feature products but no more than. Trying to sell products from your homepage can be pushy. Don’t make your homepage too crowded with multiple products.

2. Do not write a long description of your business on the homepage. There should be a ‘About us’ page for detailed information of your company.

3. Do not overcrowd the homepage with copies of press releases or company announcements. You can include a list of short summaries of each article. Put the link on them so that visitor can always read more.

4. Do not personalize the homepage with the owner’s or the president’s blog. You can always add special pages for that.

Website owners are often tempted to show as much information as possible on the homepage because they believe visitor will need all of them. It’s not true at all. It will just make the homepage too crowded and distracting. There should be separate pages for each different topic. For products, there should be category pages and product detail pages. Write the company information in “About us”. Have a press release page separately with links from the homepage.

Key elements that you should include on your homepage:

1. A brief summary of your products or services that visitors can get.

2. One or two feature products or services near the top of the homepage and explain why they are special.

3. Easy and efficient navigation menu for your products and services. On top or near the menu, add the search function for the website.

4. Links to shopping cart and login page.

5. Links to “About Us”, “Contact Us” and “Privacy” pages.

6. New announcements or features for returning visitors.

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