Add a Search Engine on Your Site

Having a well organized menu on your site is very important because visitors will find easily what they’re looking for from your site. However, the navigator menu is not everything. Some Internet users are more used to use search engines and they are more likely to find any content using a search tool instead of a menu. This is why it’s also significant to have a search engine on your site.

Benefits of Adding Search on Your Site
- When you have many products or services listed on your site:
When your e-commerce site has a great number of products, the menu is not necessarily the easiest way for a possible customer to look for what he/she is looking for. Using a menu in this case requires at least three clicks before the user finds the product. However, search engine on your site will help visitors locate any products that they are looking for with simple keywords and product names.

- When your site is dynamic:
When you site is dynamic, that is, the content/product pages have not been generated as static pages (HTML pages) but are generated upon request from a database, most of your content/product pages have not been indexed by the major search engines. When a search feature is installed on your site in this case, visitors come to your main pages and find a product / service quickly.

Placement of the search engine
- Best spot: top center or top right
- Make sure that you add a search engine on every page. Visitors may enter any of your site.
- Search Box: Make it big enough to accommodate several search terms that visitors may type in.
- Search Engine Results: Show 20 to 50 search results but don’t list most than 50.

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