How to Design a Great Website

Use these practical tips for a professional website design.

Easy Navigation Menu
Make the menu easy to read. Make sure that the visitors to your website find the service and products they’re looking for without difficulties. People are used to the left or top menu bar, and it’s getting more common to have the navigation menu on the right side of the page.

It’s a good idea to use templates when you cannot come up with a great layout. There are many free templates that you can instantly download. You can look around various layouts and choose the best one for your products or service.

Consistent Color Scheme
Consistent color throughout the site helps visitors use the site easily. Choose two and three colors that are best for your service or products and stick to them. Don’t change the main colors for the background, texts or images radically to other colors.
Here are some of the most common color schemes:
Blue and white
Red, gray and white
Blue, gray and white

Flash, Large Image Files and JavaScript
Large images, flash and javascript effects look fancy but don’t use them too much. Actually, try not to use them. Spinning logos can distract visitors and flash-loading pages often annoy people rather than attract them. Also, these multimedia elements take much time to download.

Broken Links
Don’t make your visitors frustrated with dead links or 404 error. Keep integrity of the site by making sure that you don’t have dead links on your site.

Sitemap, Search, Help and Contact Us
If you want visitors to return to your site continuously, make the site easy to use by adding the basic features such as search function, help and sitemap pages. It’s also crucial to have a Contact Us page.

Avoid these to make your site look professional
Animated GIF files such as mail boxes, flags or globes
Automatic music
Visitor counter
Busy backgrounds
Pop-up or pop under

While it is important that your website looks professional, it is far more important that it has enough of quality content.

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