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WordPress Spam - Plugins to Fight Comment Spams

Soon after I launched this blog, I started to receive heavy amount of spam comments, mostly from some Russian sites. It's not only that I can't read their comments in Russian, but some of their comments are extremely long. I think this overloads the database even though its impact may be minor. Luckily, there are many plug-ins to fight spams for your WordPress blogs. Here are a couple of popular and effective solutions. 1. Akismet is a great anti-spam plug-in that comes installed by default. You just need to turn it on by clicking 'Activate'.* With Akismet, you can set comment blacklist.** ...

WordPress Category Order and Category Hierarchy

Category Hierarchy I have a personal WordPress blog where there are some sub categories under top categories. Its theme is non widgetized, and the sidebar function to display categories is "wp_list_categories(show_count=1&hierarchical=0)." By default, WordPress displays all categories at one level regardless their hierarchy. Fortunately, I found out a simple modification would fix the way to display categories in regard to hierarchy. Change the value of the argument 'hierarchical' to '1' from '0'. Before: wp_list_categories(hierarchical=0) After wp_list_categories(hierarchical=1) Category Order I also have another blog where I want to control over category display order. The default display of categories in WordPress is by their alphabetical order. ...

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