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Importance of ALT Text for images

Is ALT Text Still Important in Search Engine Optimization? ALT text for images have been considered as an important element in search engine optimization for years. But this has changed as major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN don't consider ALT text for images in determining relevancy any more. According to some experts in SEO, web sites that use keyword dense ALT text for images might get lower rank in search result pages because those ALT texts are considered as SEO tricks by search engines. That is, using ALT text for search engine optimization can affect the rankings in ...

CSS vs. Tables, advantages of CSS layouts

Why CSS is better than Tables? CSS vs. Tables There have been many articles written regarding CSS based design versus Table based design. Here are a few advantages of CSS layouts: 1. You don't need to worry about nested table tags when you use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). 2. CSS is very flexible in positioning elements in website pages. 3. CSS based pages load faster than Table based pages. It may take similar time to load CSS based page at first. But once included CSS file is cached to the browser, subsequent pages load faster than regular Table based pages. 4. Using external CSS ...

Avoiding Submit.x and Submit.y

I had an issue with the URL ending with submit.x=99&submit.y=99 when the form submit is through an image button.(Numbers are the location point of the click on the image button.) I found a simple answer for this. In the form tag add, ''onsubmit="this.submit();return false;''. <form id=''exampleForm'' name=''exampleForm'' onSubmit=''this.submit();return false;''> This will remove submit.x and submit.y.