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WordPress Spam - Plugins to Fight Comment Spams

Soon after I launched this blog, I started to receive heavy amount of spam comments, mostly from some Russian sites. It's not only that I can't read their comments in Russian, but some of their comments are extremely long. I think this overloads the database even though its impact may be minor. Luckily, there are many plug-ins to fight spams for your WordPress blogs. Here are a couple of popular and effective solutions. 1. Akismet is a great anti-spam plug-in that comes installed by default. You just need to turn it on by clicking 'Activate'.* With Akismet, you can set comment blacklist.** ...

WordPress IP Block

For the last few days, I've been annoyed by spam comments.  They all came from the same IP.  Luckily, blocking this IP seems very easy. Click on 'Settings' from WordPress Admin. -> Click on 'Discussion' from the sub menu. -> Add IP addresses that you'd like to block in the 'Comment Blacklist' box. That's it!  This will prevent comment spammers from taking your precious time.