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I haven’t spent enough time to manage three PPC accounts Google, Yahoo and MSN for my business, and it seems they have changed quite a lot. I feel obligated to make some significant re-arrangements for campaigns, ad groups and most importantly keywords of my PPC accounts.

In regard to both Google and Yahoo, it looks like the biggest change is quality impact. It’s not about having numerous keywords to cover as many search queries as possible. It’s about quality. Quality is key.

These are some useful tips and answers regarding Yahoo PPC marketing managements. A lot of these are about the quality index.

- All-star keywords: Find which keywords work best for you. Add them to your ‘Watched Keywords’ list and keep monitoring performance of those keywords.

- Well-performing keywords may lower minimum bids. Keep quality keywords and remove low performers or move them to another ad group. Low quality keywords have a negative impact on high-performing keywords.

- Ad Groups: Keep relevant keywords together. Group keywords that relate to each other so that it will improve quality score of the ad group.

- Ad Copy: Include the main keyword in the ad description. Emphasize the strength of your products or service. Use Yahoo’s free suggestion tool for better ads.

  • Log into your Yahoo Search Marketing account.
  • Click the Campaigns tab.
  • Click on a campaign name.
  • Click on a ad name.
  • Click “Create New Ad” or the “edit” button for an existing ad.
  • Click on any of the keywords. It will open a pop-up box that has six suggested ads relevant to the keyword.

- Track keywords and ads quality. Use Performance Report and keep track which keywords and ads are performing well.

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