Long Tail Keywords - New Keyword Marketing Trend

Keyword optimization improved from using a single or couple of words to using three or four keyword phrases. The most current recommendation for keyword marketing is to optimize web pages for more specified multi-word keywords, that is, long tail keywords.

The essence of using long tail keywords is to specify your keywords more in detail that look very similar to actual queries that users use in search engines. Traffic generated from long tail keyword marketing is smaller, but it means you can receive more targeted traffic and can improve overall conversion rate.

For example, instead of ‘foreclosure properties’, optimize a web page for this query: ‘how to buy foreclosure condos in west Los Angeles’.

Log files can be a great source to see what queries users enter to get to your pages. Tracking software and keyword research tools can be very helpful to identify multi-word queries. Use these tools to generate more targeted keyword phrases and filter them out using your judgments.

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