Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing visitors to a website by ranking high in the various search engines. SEO can be very confusing and difficult yet it’s crucial for your success. The most important thing that you should remember about SEO is that you won’t achieve it overnight. It takes weeks or months depending on search engines.

Here are the basic strategies that you should follow:

  • Selecting the correct keywords or keyword phrases.
  • Each page should have its own descriptive title tag, description tag and keywords.
  • The title tag of each page should contain the best keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Use header tags (h1,h2,…) in the body of your page text. Using header tags indicates good outline form.
  • Use bold tags (b or strong)for the keyword or keyword phrases.
  • Search engines don’t index images. Use alt tags for images or hyperlinks. This will allow the search engines to recognize all your content.
  • Don’t stuff pages with useless information. Use the best keyword or keyword phrase and keep them short. The best keyword saturation is about 1-2%.
  • Include quality, informative content on each page and keep your content fresh and updated.
  • Have a site map. Site maps is a table of your site.


  • By alfredbaldwin, December 2, 2008 @ 7:27 am

    Thank u for explaining the basic strategies in your blog..
    Surely I will follow all your guidelines to get success in the search engine optimization


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