CAPTCHA - Protect Forms from Web Spam Bots

CAPTCHA , Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is a web security technique to protect HTML forms from web spammers. CAPTCHA dynamically generates security codes for sign-up, subscription submission or checkout forms to make sure that forms are not submitted by spam bots. Because the generated password on a distorted image is a part of the image, users can't copy and paste it. This way, it verifies that it's an actual human that submits a form, not any kind of automated software including spambots. The security codes that CAPTCHA generates are usually a combination of letters or ...

WordPress Size of Post Box - Length of Editor Box

I was a little annoyed by the tiny editing box of WordPress admin 'Write' and 'Manage' pages. Although I got used to its smallness, I thought I would give it a try to figure out and looked into the PHP script 'post-new.php'. And I realized that it looked like it's something that a user can easily configure through WordPress admin interface. I looked at the 'Settings' page. There it was! Settings for 'Writing'. I just clicked it and changed to the value of 'Size of the Post Box' to 25. That will definitely satisfy me! I should start to check out Settings page ...

How to link internally - Optimization of Internal Linking

Internal linking refers to the links pointing to other pages within your site. Its importance has not valued as much as external links. But well-built internal links help your site rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) as well as provide a good user experience. Also, its great advantage is that you have the entire control of how to manage them. Use these tips to write the most efficient internal links both for your site visitors and the search engines. 1) Make the homepage navigation menu as text links. Images, DHTML, and JavaScript navigation menus look fancy and artsy. ...

Avoiding Submit.x and Submit.y

I had an issue with the URL ending with submit.x=99&submit.y=99 when the form submit is through an image button.(Numbers are the location point of the click on the image button.) I found a simple answer for this. In the form tag add, ''onsubmit="this.submit();return false;''. <form id=''exampleForm'' name=''exampleForm'' onSubmit=''this.submit();return false;''> This will remove submit.x and submit.y.

Vertical Alignment for Images and Buttons

I had an annoying image alignment issue when I was working on a form. I wanted to use an image button as a submit button instead using a default submit input. The image button didn't align nicely with the label and other input, so I tried this way. CSS form#exampleForm button { padding:0; border:none; background:none; vertical-align:middle; } The key point of this method is using vertical-align:middle in CSS and using the button tag in HTML. HTML <form id='exampleForm' name='exampleForm'> <button name='submit' type='submit'> <img src='/images/button-submit.gif' alt='Submit form' /> </button>