ClickBank Review - Pros and Cons

ClickBank is an affiliate network where vendors can sell their products, mostly digital products such as e-books or software, through ClickBank marketplace and affiliates can promote vendors’ products and earn commissions.

Many bloggers and website owners have used their service and have different opinions about it. I myself just opened an account and looked for some products for my health-related website. It didn’t take a lot for me to realize that it’s not an easy process to select the best products that would keep my web site’s reputation intact as well as generate me good profits. So I’ve dug into it more and summarized these pros and cons of ClickBank.


  • You can choose the products that you want to promote. This is a big difference between AdSense and ClickBank. One of the most frustrating situations among AdSense users is that AdSense can display low commission ads or unrelated ads to their web site content. With ClickBank, you can have more control in selecting products.
  • It’s easy and simple to set up an account and start to promote products.
  • Commissions are generally a lot more generous than other affiliate programs. Some vendors pay out up to 70% of the price of their products.
  • You can add a search feature for ClickBank products on your website and earn commission when there are any sales generated from the search result page.
  • You can add your own tracking code.
  • Payment threshold can be as low as $10 and their payment options include domestic and international direct deposit.


  • It’s hard to find quality products to promote. Many of their products are cheap and lousy get-rich-quick e-books that you yourself wouldn’t want to purchase. Few bloggers who care about their reputation would feel very enthusiastic about advertising these products on their websites.
  • They have high refund rates.
  • Simple affiliate interface can be a favor, but it also means their features and reports are basic and limited.
  • Your potential sales can get hijacked, that is, users can change your affiliate code and buy products through their own.

Tips to Use ClickBank Affiliate Program

  • Find products that are highly relevant to the content of your website or web pages.
  • Carefully read about the product from its vendor’s site before you start to promote it. If you don’t think the web site is trustworthy enough or the product has good quality, don’t promote that product. If you wouldn’t want to buy it, probably other people wouldn’t buy it either.
  • When you write reviews of ClickBank products to promote them, be a honest consumer rather than be a salesperson or an affiliate. Focus on the strengths of the product while frankly talking about flaws.

Helpful Sites

I’ve come across these sites where they evaluate ClickBank products. These sites can be helpful for a beginner like me to decide which products to promote.

ClickBank Affiliate FAQ page:

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